Public Works Department

Water Tower

The City of Orland Public Works Department maintains the City’s water system (repair of leaking service lines by replacement from the main to the water meter, repairing damage to the main distribution system and maintaining the well pumps, water tower and booster pumps including production, treatment, storage and distribution), and the sewer and storm drain systems, and right-of-way improvements. It also provides many additional public service functions, including providing traffic control devices for parades and other special events, installing banners over Walker Street, and assisting other City departments.


Public Works provides for the maintenance and minor constructiR.Crook and A. Romero of the Public Works Depton of all City streets, curb and gutter. This includes asphalt overlays and repairs, street signs, pavement markings, culvert maintenance and replacement, and other street related projects. Crews operate the City's street sweeper, routinely covering the entire street grid of the City on a weekly basis. State Route 32/Walker Street is maintained by CalTrans. If you find a maintenance problem let them know by submitting a maintenance request form.


Public Works Department staff maintains the City water system from production at their wells through distribution to City water customers. The Public Works Department continuously monitors the quality of the water that is provided to its residents and holds the responsibility of providing a safe drinking water, and meeting state water quality standards, as its highest priority.

The City of Orland’s source of water is from eight wells that are located at various areas within the City limits. These wells are continuously monitored and treated to meet or exceed State and Federal requirements.

  • Water rates, every two months, for a residence within the City limits is $30.85 plus .78 for every 1,000 gallons of water used in excess of 15,000 gallons.
  • Water rates, every two months, for a commercial account within the City limits is $30.85 plus .78 for every 1,000 gallons of water used in excess of 15,000 gallons.


Crews provides 24-hour service and support to the public, responding to service calls for blockage problems concerning the sewer collection system and house service laterals from the main to the street or alley line. Collection system facilities (pumps, motors mains, lift stations and manholes) are serviced on a routine basis or as necessary. Treatment facilities are also maintained including sludge removal from the treatment ponds.

  • Sewer rates for a residence within the City limits is $32.90 every two months; no overage charged.
  • Sewer rates for a commercial account within the City limits is $32.90 every two months. When water usage exceeds 15,000 gallons, users are charged .40 for every 1,000 gallons of water over the limit.


The Parks and Building Maintenance Division provides for the operation and maintenance of community parks, special use areas, City Hall, Carnegie Center and the Police Station. This Division provides administration and supervision of contract providers, and park and building maintenance staff for landscaping, grounds, and building maintenance, including electrical and plumbing repairs, vandalism repairs, some painting, custodial services, and litter abatement.

Emergency Services

Standby emergency services are provided free of charge to residences within the City of Orland around the clock for problems located in the public right of way. Typical emergency calls are: Water line breaks, Sewer stoppages, storm events like street flooding or fallen trees in road. After 5:00 P.M. or weekends, please call: (530) 865-1610.

Public Works provides 24-hour service and support to the public by responding to customer concerns, emergency water breaks/repairs, and ensuring the City has high quality drinking water in adequate supply for fire fighting, domestic, and commercial use. The division operates and maintains 8 wells, a surface water treatment facility, and distribution system to the meter. The division also works with developers and customers on water service issues during project design, during service installation and future.